What a nice Tuesday surprise! 
Some old school pics posted on my facebook wall and a phone call from my Daddy. 
Thanks Pops! Miss you / ILU2M! 

mouth watering

Gourmet Burger Kitchen = my new fav restaurant in London. 
Cheeseburger with avocado & pineapple?! OMG.
If only I could get a side of ranch in this town! 

meltin' my heart

homework time at the Nielsen's 

good golly they're cute
Kaitlyn, daily?!

The intention of this blog was never to be daily like every single day, it was more like what’s happening in my daily(-ish) life. More like weekly. But now it’s not even monthly! And let me tell you, I miss this little blog! I feel like I’m so behind that I don’t even know where to begin! In summary, here's what you've missed ... 

Thailand – best 2 weeks of.my.life. Really, truly could not have been better. Ok I take it back, it could’ve been better if we were there for longer. I’ve never wanted to stay in a place so bad. Ash and I were both totally heartbroken to leave. Being there with him, in a place that he lived for 8 months, and a place that is so dear to my heart as well, was such a great experience. I have a feeling that we’ll have many more trips there in the future.

Back in the real world and back to work – feeling more settled in and understanding the job and getting to know the people better. And for a job, I really like it. It’s usually pretty bizzzzzzzzzy (hence the lack of blogging) but it’s pretty fun and I’m pretty happy here.

Oh and did you know that my BFF Alyson is in London?! Well she is. And I am loving every single second.

So yea, that's the long story shot. 

I promise I’m going to try harder to be a better blogger. My daily(ish) posts are coming back. 

Pinky promise!