hey strangers

Remember me? I know that lately this blog has been more Kaitlyn-When-I-Feel-Like-It than Kaitlyn-daily ... but I've been super busy - having too much fun, seeing too many people, getting too drunk, stuffing my face with American goodness and attempting to study. Plenty of posts in the near future. After my exam! Patience please. See you May 10th.

April 7th

Yo. You might not know this about me but I got mad freestylin skills. Yea that's right. And on this special occasion I would like to take a minute for a little shout out to my very best friend Kathleen. Happy birthday bia. Drop a beat.

Whad up world, holla from North Carolina.
Lemme tell you bout this girl who as a friend could not be finea.
She makes me laugh and homegirl always got my back.
When I’m actin a fool she gets me back on track.

Ma Alice, La Shell and Gma Bunz are da fam - this girl is like my sista.
And you know I got mad love for Tim from Texas, that’s her mista.
Seriously don’t know without her whad I’d do.
Can’t wait to see her today, we gonna be stuck like glue.

Been way too long since we had a birthday togetha.
Last time was 23, man that seems like foreva.
We were wasted, blackout, booty shakin.
But now we’re gettin old and them hangovers aint fakin.

But who cares – I’m in the mood for margaritas and beers.
Been friends with this chick for 10 whole years.
Here’s to you gurl, bottoms up, let’s party and hit the beach.
Happy birthday my bestie, my numba one homegirl, love you Peach.

what are you watching?

My TV obsession has always been pretty bad. But I think it's at an all time high right now. A normal person would realize that moving to another country should probably involve giving up some shows since they don't play here. But nope, not me. I'm dedicated. I watch my shows online and have even gotten Ash hooked on some good US shows that we watch online with the computer plugged into the tv. See? Dedication. And now I've got all these UK shows as well that I need to keep up with. Thank goodness Dexter, Weeds and Sons of Anarchy aren't on at the moment or else the list would be ridiculously long. This list is only borderline ridiculous.  

Friday Night Lights - starting over from Season 1 on DVD because it is that good
Prison Break - just finished Season 2, so into it
Entourage - getting Ash caught up, currently on Season 3
Treme - we get HBO in the UK now! Omg this show is too good, new fav
Glee - highlight of my week!
Jersey Shore - highlight of Ash's week :) can't wait for next season!
Real World Las Vegas - season 25, I couldn't resist
Pretty Little Liars - sort of losing interest ...
One Tree Hill - fo life!
Gossip Girl - can't live without
Kourtney and Kim Take New York - duh
Holly's World - not as good as Kendra but still worth watching
The Only Way Is Essex - my number one UK show, obsessed
Katie - crap reality show about this dumb English celeb
Come Dine With Me - English cooking show  
Friday Night Dinner - funny English show
Peep Show - '' ''
Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO in UK!!
United States of Tara - is back, yessss!

Do I need TV rehab? Whatever, I know y'all are just as bad ;)

tooting my own horn

Things I take pride in -

1. When the hairdresser tells me that I have really healthy hair (despite the fact that I've been dying it for 10+ years and have fried it off with an iron, an actual iron)

2. When people ask if I'm wearing fake eyelashes, no I'm not.

3. My packing skills. I really believe that I could be a professional packer. I am damn good at it. 6 months backpacking was my ultimate challenge but today my skills were re-confirmed. 2 suitcases (1 carry-on and 1 big one to be checked) for a month in NC. My bags are zipped and I didn't even have to sit on them to do so. And the best part is that my bag to be checked is underweight. 8 pounds underweight. And it has things in it that I'm leaving in America. Do you understand the significance of this people?! It means that I will be able to bring at least 10 pounds worth of American goodness (mac and cheese, spaghettios, ranch dressing) back to the UK with me. Booya! Kaitlyn Harszlak, packing extraordinaire!

song of the day

Obsessed. And not just like ''oh this is my jam'' obsessed. I mean repeat, repeat, repeat. Listening to this 5 times a day. Making up choreography in my head. Obsessssed. 

 If this does not want to make you shake your ass then get your pulse checked. Seriously so tempted to buy the new CD on itunes but I'm patiently waiting until next week (when I'm Home!) and I can buy the actual CD, play it in my car with the windows down and at red lights I can drool over the pictures and lyrics inside the cover. 

Britney is back bitches! 

dinner at 456

Tonight I made one of Ash's favorites. The huni has been having a stressful week at work so I thought I would be a good girlfriend and give him a break in the kitchen. This is one of Mom's recipes that I've spiced up. Served with some mexican rice :) 

1 jar of hot salsa, 1 tin of sweet corn, 1 diced onion, 2 birdseye chilies & a few splashes of lime juice in bowl numero uno.

grated cheddar in bowl numero dos.

chicken breasts in olive oil and sprinkled with Old Bay and cayenne pepper.
in the oven for 30 minutes ... then chuck the salsa mix and the cheese on top for 5 minutes to melt.

under all that mess is the chicken, good stuff.