pic of the day

I took this pic on the way to my exam last month. I figured it could mean good luck for me too, and guess what?! It did. I passed. Hallelujah

However .... I don't officially have my masters degree yet. My exam still needs to be reviewed by an external exam board in November. The grade that I received last week is from the internal exam board and is called a preliminary pass. The external exam board in November is very unlikely to change the grade given by the internal board, they sort of just make everything official. Thennnn I get my actual degree in January. Everything is so dragged out. But the good news is that all the work is done, no more class, dissertation is finished, no more exams! Phew!

So what's happening now? 

After the official results in November I can apply for my next visa. It's called a post-study-work-visa, is good for 2 years, and allows me to work full time! Booya. 

In the meantime I can come and go in and out of the country until September 30th.  From September 30th until I get the next visa I've got to stay put. This makes travel plans pretty tricky. Ash and I are planning our first ever vacation together for September! Weird huh? We met in the most tropical of vacation destinations, but since then we've just had weekend trips here and there and trips to the good ol US of A. Don't get me wrong, I love those trips more than anything but I need a little sun, sand and sea - just me and my man. 

Next trip Home is up in the air. If I can get my visa in time I'll be there for some turkey and mashed potatoes - I haven't had a Thanksgiving at Home since 07! If I don't get the visa in time then put a present under your tree for me cause I'll be there for Christmas! Either way you know I will be over the moon to be there. 

So - no more school, vacation with the huni at the end of the summer, Home again at some point in 2011? LIFE IS GOOD :)


Remember back in 07 when I started wearing black nail polish and my mom told me that I was goth? Then like 3 months later I came home to see her totally copying my style? It happened. And I'm here to report that it's about to happen again.

That's right, multicolored nails are back. Back from where? 7th grade, duh.

A girl on this amazingly bad reality show that I watch here in the UK (Caggie on Made in Chelsea) rocks multicolored nails all the time and I became slightly obsessed with it, making Ash pause so that I can sneak a better look. I decided to go for it - and on my way into work I spotted a girl on the train who had one hand painted different shades of blues and greens and the other different shades of pinks and reds. It sounds whack I know, but it was super cute.

Thennnn I found the ultimate confirmation. BRITNEY. I just saw her new video (in which she looks amazing!) and my girl is sporting red, white, and black nails. See I knew it was cool.

Do it Mom, I dare ya.

chucked a sicky yesterday

... to spend the day doing this - 

Mel came to London for 5 hours on her way to Africa for a mission trip! 

her & Mary said I was a great tour guide 

I was sooo happy to see her. 
5 hours was not nearly enough but was better than nothing. 
What a wonderful little mini visit. 
That's Corey and Mel this summer - who's next?! 

dinner at 456

Ash has been pimpin out our kitchen and rooftop lately. We've got a new coffee pot with a timer on it so we wake up to fresh coffee, a grill for summer BBQ fun, and a crock pot to throw things into, make the apartment smell amazing and enjoy the results. I've been told that no matter what you throw into a crock pot it will come out tasty so we attempted pulled pork and let me tell you, it was deeelishhhh. For our first attempt I was so impressed, we'll certainly be adding this to our regular summer menu.

big old slab of pork (with ketchup, brown sugar, onion, garlic, paprika, cyanne pepper, cumin, Franks, salt and pepper, vinegar and a beer) all in the crock pot for 7 hours.

Ash heard a rumor that if you open the crock pot while cooking you to have cook the food for another 20 minutes for each time you open it. It was so tempting not to open it! 

pullin the pork, mmm it was so tender and tasty!

viola! US food in the UK makes me a happy girl :)

old school favorite for dessert, instant butterscotch pudding. yummm

Smile :) it's Friday!

And these are about the cutest things you'll ever see. 
Happy Weekend Y'all.

Speaking of playing tourist in London - I forgot to mention how much fun I had when Corey was in town. My friend Megan said it best that one of the most fun parts about living in a foreign country is showing people around when they come to visit. Ash and I played tour guide and had a sightseeing / pub crawling weekend. Here's a few of my favorite pics - 

on our way to meet the boys at their hostel - had to snap a pic for Mom 

boy bff & bf :) 

outside Buckingham Palace 

pub stop number 1 of 7

can you come back please?! 

keeping up with the boys

Jordan clearly didn't enjoy himself at all 

happy tourist 
This past Friday Ash and I used a groupon for a cheese wine tasting at the tallest bar in London. We sniffed, swirled, slurped, and acted fancy schmancy. The views were beautiful and we had an amazing night -  I love playing tourist in this city! 

hey handsome

walk in the park after work on the way to the bar 

spring time on the river Thames 


our wine instructor & Ash 

Rude Awakening

I don't mind the song, it's quite catchy, and I love the part about learning how to Dougie. But really mister morning DJ? I've been woken up to this song twice this week. The first time being on Tuesday morning after the long weekend, and then again today - a Friday - when more than ever ''I don't feel like doing anything''. Keep in mind that Ash's alarm goes off at 5:30AM. Rubbing it in my face that Mr. Mars is going to spend his day layin on the couch jus chillin in his Snuggie? 2 words for you dude -