boozy nights

tis the season baby!
here's a little pic recap of what's been going on this past month .... 

we went and saw Britneyyyyy

which was just a little bit exciting

this chick named Tasha came to town ... 

and I learned this drink ... 

and remembered my waitressing skills

there may have also been a photoshoot .... 

and a trip to Bodean's! 

whooo I am exhausted.
detoxing til Christmas! 
cheers y'all

getting old

all this + the bf and some Sons of Anarchy ...
 how could a Friday night possibly get any better?

have I mentioned ...

how much fun I'm having with Alyson in London?! We spent last Sunday frolicking in Battersea Park. A little picnic and playing in the leaves with one of my bestest friends? Perfect way to spend a Fall afternoon!

thai sweet chilli chips, tzatziki & toffee apple cidersssss 

fish tail 

Al's nail art 

dear BF - we need a date here!



worn out