Remember back in 07 when I started wearing black nail polish and my mom told me that I was goth? Then like 3 months later I came home to see her totally copying my style? It happened. And I'm here to report that it's about to happen again.

That's right, multicolored nails are back. Back from where? 7th grade, duh.

A girl on this amazingly bad reality show that I watch here in the UK (Caggie on Made in Chelsea) rocks multicolored nails all the time and I became slightly obsessed with it, making Ash pause so that I can sneak a better look. I decided to go for it - and on my way into work I spotted a girl on the train who had one hand painted different shades of blues and greens and the other different shades of pinks and reds. It sounds whack I know, but it was super cute.

Thennnn I found the ultimate confirmation. BRITNEY. I just saw her new video (in which she looks amazing!) and my girl is sporting red, white, and black nails. See I knew it was cool.

Do it Mom, I dare ya.

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