pic of the day

I took this pic on the way to my exam last month. I figured it could mean good luck for me too, and guess what?! It did. I passed. Hallelujah

However .... I don't officially have my masters degree yet. My exam still needs to be reviewed by an external exam board in November. The grade that I received last week is from the internal exam board and is called a preliminary pass. The external exam board in November is very unlikely to change the grade given by the internal board, they sort of just make everything official. Thennnn I get my actual degree in January. Everything is so dragged out. But the good news is that all the work is done, no more class, dissertation is finished, no more exams! Phew!

So what's happening now? 

After the official results in November I can apply for my next visa. It's called a post-study-work-visa, is good for 2 years, and allows me to work full time! Booya. 

In the meantime I can come and go in and out of the country until September 30th.  From September 30th until I get the next visa I've got to stay put. This makes travel plans pretty tricky. Ash and I are planning our first ever vacation together for September! Weird huh? We met in the most tropical of vacation destinations, but since then we've just had weekend trips here and there and trips to the good ol US of A. Don't get me wrong, I love those trips more than anything but I need a little sun, sand and sea - just me and my man. 

Next trip Home is up in the air. If I can get my visa in time I'll be there for some turkey and mashed potatoes - I haven't had a Thanksgiving at Home since 07! If I don't get the visa in time then put a present under your tree for me cause I'll be there for Christmas! Either way you know I will be over the moon to be there. 

So - no more school, vacation with the huni at the end of the summer, Home again at some point in 2011? LIFE IS GOOD :)


  1. You know I am loving all of this!

  2. you said the V word!!! *gasp* haha congrats love!! super happy for you! and if everything goes to plan, we will hopefully see each other this christmas :) x

  3. Life IS good! I love reading your blog!