dinner at 456

Ash has been pimpin out our kitchen and rooftop lately. We've got a new coffee pot with a timer on it so we wake up to fresh coffee, a grill for summer BBQ fun, and a crock pot to throw things into, make the apartment smell amazing and enjoy the results. I've been told that no matter what you throw into a crock pot it will come out tasty so we attempted pulled pork and let me tell you, it was deeelishhhh. For our first attempt I was so impressed, we'll certainly be adding this to our regular summer menu.

big old slab of pork (with ketchup, brown sugar, onion, garlic, paprika, cyanne pepper, cumin, Franks, salt and pepper, vinegar and a beer) all in the crock pot for 7 hours.

Ash heard a rumor that if you open the crock pot while cooking you to have cook the food for another 20 minutes for each time you open it. It was so tempting not to open it! 

pullin the pork, mmm it was so tender and tasty!

viola! US food in the UK makes me a happy girl :)

old school favorite for dessert, instant butterscotch pudding. yummm

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