dinners at 456

 salad - lettuce, tomatoes & red onion
dressing - poppy seed from Whole Foods & 
Pita Delite house dressing all the way from North Carolina

new potatoes with butter & parsley
chicken breast marinated in olive oil, provencal herbs, fresh chopped garlic,
pear balsamic & stuffed with halloumi cheese - omg amazing!
sauteed mushrooms

Root Beer Float
vanilla ice cream & Bundaberg Root Beer (not A&W, but it's all I can find in England, it's a dang good substitute) 

*note - I can take very little credit for the making of this dinner. I did the rb floats.
I am just the spoiled gf that gets to eat Ash's amazing creations!
*note - Mom, I am obssesssssssed with that pita delite house dressing. So much so that it's already gone.
Need more asap! ;)


  1. Jesus! Could you have written the accreditation to me any smaller?!

    i'm going to stop making you all these nice dinners until my work is properly recognised and appreciated!

  2. I agree, Bash! Your name should be in large type, all caps, and bold! Actually it should light up as well! You are amazing!! (Please send recipe for the chicken!)

    Kait, I cannot believe you went through the whole bottle of dressing! Since Pita Delite in Raleigh closed, you will have to wait til I go to the beach, and then maybe until Ang or I come over!! xoxo