dinners at 456

Ash and I are obsessed with this butternut squash soup. So much so that we made it two weekends in a row! We first tried something really similar at Jamie Oliver's restaurant and then we decided to recreate it for ourselves. It's got a kick of chili to it so it's heat-hot and spicy-hot. It's super easy to make and a really fun way to spend an afternoon together in the kitchen.

Check out the pics of the process below -  

First we walked to the local bakery to get some fresh bread ...

celery, garlic, onion, chilies, carrots, butternut squash. (all you have to do is chop everything up and chuck it in the pot with some olive oil. peel the squash and then cut into cubes)

The spices - paprika, rosemary, chili, garlic, pepper.
We also threw 2 bay leaves in there too but took them out before blending.

other necessary ingredients 

Making the veggie stock - we just used a few cubes and boiling water then added it to our chopped veg and spices.

at this point the whole apartment was smelling amazing!
(simmer for about 45 min)

After letting the soup cool we blended it and then reheated it. We added a bit more stock to make the consistency just right, at first it was more smoothie than soup, we wanted it thick but not that thick.  

Heavenly. mmm I want some more right now!


  1. how 'bout a splash of Nando's?

  2. Love love love the pics! Hi Ash! Now I want some!

  3. hahah hi Amy! Maybe we can make it for you if we make it over to you guys at Easter? How does that sound?

    Nandos is an interesting idea too! Maybe I could make a nandos soup and sell them the recipe!

    and babe...you are toooo cute with the dinners at 456 thing you got goin on here! :D