If I think it's bad ...

It must be bad. Don't get me wrong, I love cheesy crap reality TV. Jersey Shore? Can't get enough. Kendra, Kardashains? I'm obsessed. You name it, I'll watch it. But Toddlers and Tiaras? I will admit that I record it occasionally. Ash won't let me watch it when he's in the room ... I'm starting to see why. Be warned - you will cringe. If you don't there's something wrong with you.

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  1. obviuosly this comes from your mother's side. I did have a tv like the one on the right though.

  2. Yes, I do love some junk tv, but Kaitlyn takes it to a new (or 'ew') height . . . Glad you don't really watch this one, Kait. It is soo wrong. Makes me sad . . .

  3. I cant stand that show. Not that ive ever watched a full episode. I HATE seeing these poor little girls subjected to things like EYEBROW WAXING to please their mothers who obviously never succeeded in life and are trying to push their dreams on their kids. The typical stagemom if you will. I cant stand it! These little girls will grow up to say Gay marriage is wrong in front of a NATION and also refer to North and South Korea as "The Chinas."

    Also in my reality show arsenal of hate is 16 & Pregnant / Teen Mom. Not only are they GLORIFYING being a mom at 16 but there are no talks of appropriate protection for these girls to prevent pregnancy, STD's, etc. Our female youth is being brainwashed into thinking that having a kid at 16 is glamorous, hell, they may even make it on the cover of US weekly! ARGH!!

    ---End of rant---

  4. I'm with Ash on that one, I can't even stand the commercials for that one. Those snotty little brats aren't even cute. Please don't even get me started...miss you by the way. -TSR