hello 2011

This year's New Year's Eve was a bit quieter than my previous ones. I didn't witness any of my friends fall off a bar stool in their short dress without panties on, or throw up on my living room floor. There was no passing around the Bacardi bottle in a parked car before stumbling to the club. Me and Ash had a nice dinner out and then rang in the New Year at home in our little flat. Quiet, yes. But boring? Hardly. It was a great evening! Before dinner we walked across the street to a little wine shop and bought a nice bottle to have before heading out. Then we got dressed up and had a yummy Italian meal. After dinner we popped into a little shop that sells beers from all around the world. We found some Coors Light (!) and some other little random goodies. I tried an interesting blueberry cider that tasted kind of like blueberry vodka and crystal light. Back home we played Mexican train dominoes and watched the fireworks on TV (London's version of the Times Square ball drop and the most amazing fireworks display I've ever seen). Also I learned how to pop a bottle of champagne for the first time! It was so nice for me and Ash to be in the same time zone this year. The past 2 years I have called him at midnight North Carolina time which was 5 AM for him. We ended up staying awake nearly until North Carolina New Years, it was almost 4 by the time we went to bed. I guess I am still a party animal but just a bit more low key. I missed being in Wilmington and I missed shaking my booty on the dance floor all night but I had an amazing time anyway. Maybe this year's mellow New Year is a sign for the year to come?

I'm hoping that this year is a bit less stressful than 2010. With my grades and visa issues it's been one crazy year. My biggest resolution is to be better at that one day at a time thing. I know that me and Ash will move home when the time is right for both of us, I know that one day I'll land an amazing job and I know that one day I'll have my masters. In the meantime I'm going to try really hard to just sit back and chill out a bit. I used to be a lot more laid back than I am now. I guess when you start really caring about things and really wanting things it makes you stress more about getting them. Other resolutions - hitting the gym a bit more often and being better about wearing my glasses. I hate wearing them but I like the benefits of being able to see so I think I'll try to work on that a bit more this year. I'd like to make a resolution to save more money for the future but since I'm hardly making any money at the moment that isn't too realistic. I guess another resolution can be to keep up with my blog and make my readers happy :) 

 how cute are my sparkly gold tights? 

this turned out a bit blurry but oh well, cheers baby! 

my gorgeous bestie sent me this pic of her, I miss her too much! 


  1. All good resolutions, especially about the blog, since I know people enjoy hearing about what you are up to! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. best blog comment from you yet babe...

    'I like the benefits of being able to see'