the weekend in review

When I arrived at the pub on Friday evening I announced that I would take so many good pictures for my blog this weekend. I sort of failed at that. Too much wine, forgetting to charge the camera, and general laziness resulted in less pictures than I planned but here's a glimpse at what we got up to this weekend.... 

Friday evening - dinner and lotsss of wine at a French restaurant in Mayfair with our friends Ant and Sian. Sian is such a sweetheart and so funny, and her Welsh accent makes everything even funnier. I love hanging out with her, and Ant is an all around great guy. We always have so much fun when we go out with them. And the food was amazing! (buffalo mozzarella and portobello mushroom, followed by mahi mahi on a bed of butternut squash-spring onion-mushroom risotto, followed by mango cheesecake) but by the time the food came, I was on my third glass of wine and I completely forgot to take pictures of it. Oopsies.

aren't they handsome? 

Saturday evening - postponed Christmas party with Ash's family. Ash and Aaron rocked some really cool turkey hats while I sported a super cute sparkly halo. More good food (tomato soup starter, followed by brie stuffed chicken breast and mashed potatoes with peppercorn sauce) and more good wine of course. The camera died mid evening so pictures from the night are few, but laughs and good times were plenty! 

bus stop photo shoots are my favorite

Christmas in February!

On Sunday we went shopping for Super Bowl supplies and then had a huge nap. Because of the time difference, kickoff wasn't until 11:30 PM. Our friends came over around 8 and we played games, ate sausage dip and guacamole, and drank Coors Light in red cups while we waited for kickoff. I only really care about football one day a year so I'm glad it was an exciting game. The past two years I had to sneak in a little nap in the 3rd quarter but this year I made it through the whole game. And I was pretty excited that Ash had a random Old Navy Packers tee that I got to wear. Team spirit! Billy, Aaron, and Michelle had never watched an American football game before so Ash got really into explaining the rules to them which I thought was pretty cute. I love how he's made an effort to understand all things American. Bedtime wasn't until 3:30 AM so luckily me and Ash have a day off today. We're about to watch the new episode of Glee! 

cheers y'all :) hope you had an awesome weekend as well. 

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love that you used the dip tray! I wish you had pics of the food at the French restaurant, but it certainly sounds delicious. You two are becoming quite the "foodies". I really like the pics of Ant and Ash on the train, and of you at the bus stop! Cute. Actually, they're all good - it's nice to 'see' everyone! Love you guys! xoxo