Where I've Been Wednesdays

A few weeks ago I blogged about my adventure climbing a glacier in New Zealand. Being the girly girl that I am, I thought this was a pretty big accomplishment. I'm sure you could gather from that post that I do not consider myself the ''outdoorsy type''.  If ''The Great Outdoors'' means laying on the beach, then yes I am outdoorsy. I love sunshine and fresh air. But dirt, hiking, bugs, and woods? I think I would much rather book a nice hotel thank you very much. I would like to go camping more often, but that is because I like smores and campfires. I can suck it up and not be prissy if smores are at stake.

Traveling is all about being out of your element. On a trek in Thailand I was certainly out of my element. We spent the days hiking and the nights in a little shed-sort-of-thing with mosquito nets hanging over our sleeping bags. Ash loved this part of his time in Thailand, but I look back on it as one of those things that are amazing to say that I've done, but not too high on my list to do again. I know most of you think I was just laying in the sun the whole time I was away but here is proof of the contrary! And amazingly Alyson and I survived this trek without too much whining and complaining. I could hear my Uncle Scott's motto ''suck it up'' in my head over and over ... I did suck it up and ended up walking away with amazing memories (and a million bug bites)!

 the terrain

Alyson setting up camp

a friendly visitor

our guide ''Jackie Chan''

the facilities - shower & toilet

5 star accommodation right here folks


ah can't believe I put that thing in my mouth

actual dinner, Thai camping style

 gorgeous Thailand

peace love & hiking! - I can't remember if this was before or after we had our teeth whitened in Thailand but dang they look pearly!

On a side note, when applying for college I thought I wanted to go to Appalachian State University! That thought lasted about 5 minutes, so glad I ended up at the beach :)


  1. you would have liked it ;)

  2. Love it, and love the shout out to Uncle Scott. Any chance Auntie Donna knows you are blogging? This whole entry gave me a chuckle! And I couldn't agree with you more . . . solid roof over my head please, and a real mattress underneath . . .