weekend jams

Some really good tunes were popping up on my ipod this morning so I thought I would share 2 of them with you. Completely random but really good jams :) Happy weekend!

How amazing is Glee?! I'm seriously considering paying the £60 to go see them perform live in London in June. This mash-up of Beyonce's Halo and Walkin' on Sunshine is one of my favs that they have done. It just makes me wanna dance! Yay for new episodes starting on Sunday, I've missed it too much!

Did you know that Afroman has other songs besides
Colt 45 and Cause I Got High? Me neither, until I was enlightened at 3 in the morning in Amsterdam ;) His lyrics are crazy good, he's so under-rated and seriously clever. If this song doesn't make you smile then you're whack! And Mom - shut up about the language, you blast Eminem (who uses the C word!) down Cary Parkway.

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  1. Kait! Don't tell my secrets! xoxo