April 7th

Yo. You might not know this about me but I got mad freestylin skills. Yea that's right. And on this special occasion I would like to take a minute for a little shout out to my very best friend Kathleen. Happy birthday bia. Drop a beat.

Whad up world, holla from North Carolina.
Lemme tell you bout this girl who as a friend could not be finea.
She makes me laugh and homegirl always got my back.
When I’m actin a fool she gets me back on track.

Ma Alice, La Shell and Gma Bunz are da fam - this girl is like my sista.
And you know I got mad love for Tim from Texas, that’s her mista.
Seriously don’t know without her whad I’d do.
Can’t wait to see her today, we gonna be stuck like glue.

Been way too long since we had a birthday togetha.
Last time was 23, man that seems like foreva.
We were wasted, blackout, booty shakin.
But now we’re gettin old and them hangovers aint fakin.

But who cares – I’m in the mood for margaritas and beers.
Been friends with this chick for 10 whole years.
Here’s to you gurl, bottoms up, let’s party and hit the beach.
Happy birthday my bestie, my numba one homegirl, love you Peach.

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