what are you watching?

My TV obsession has always been pretty bad. But I think it's at an all time high right now. A normal person would realize that moving to another country should probably involve giving up some shows since they don't play here. But nope, not me. I'm dedicated. I watch my shows online and have even gotten Ash hooked on some good US shows that we watch online with the computer plugged into the tv. See? Dedication. And now I've got all these UK shows as well that I need to keep up with. Thank goodness Dexter, Weeds and Sons of Anarchy aren't on at the moment or else the list would be ridiculously long. This list is only borderline ridiculous.  

Friday Night Lights - starting over from Season 1 on DVD because it is that good
Prison Break - just finished Season 2, so into it
Entourage - getting Ash caught up, currently on Season 3
Treme - we get HBO in the UK now! Omg this show is too good, new fav
Glee - highlight of my week!
Jersey Shore - highlight of Ash's week :) can't wait for next season!
Real World Las Vegas - season 25, I couldn't resist
Pretty Little Liars - sort of losing interest ...
One Tree Hill - fo life!
Gossip Girl - can't live without
Kourtney and Kim Take New York - duh
Holly's World - not as good as Kendra but still worth watching
The Only Way Is Essex - my number one UK show, obsessed
Katie - crap reality show about this dumb English celeb
Come Dine With Me - English cooking show  
Friday Night Dinner - funny English show
Peep Show - '' ''
Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO in UK!!
United States of Tara - is back, yessss!

Do I need TV rehab? Whatever, I know y'all are just as bad ;)


  1. Im so proud *tear*

    I can honestly say im responsible for half your tv obsessions! Our DVR is always at 96% full!! We may need to go to rehab together!

  2. Kait, you are partially responsible for the continuing decline of the British Empire! You have got Ash obsessed now, he will get his friends and fam started . . . there is no end in sight. All I can say is thank goodness the OC and Everwood are long gone - you would never see the light of day.

  3. ha well i watch almost all those American shows plus more.. got hooked on Army Wives lately. cant stop watching Vampire Diaries. still watching Grey's Anatomy, and with Grey's Anatomy comes Private Practice. Totally into American Idol this season. haha Yeah, its bad! Also, amazingly funny british show from Sky1 that i just started watching.. An Idiot Abroad. Totally recommend it for you and Ash to watch! super hilarious! soo, ill meet you in rehab with jen!