the goods

I know you're dying to know what we brought back with us from the US. These pics do not do justice the hassle that we had to go through packing everything. That's because in these pics there is only one package/bottle/box of everything when in reality there were like 5 of everything. Whatever, it's worth it to be able to smother my food in ranch and have girl scout cookies and American candy for dessert. 

airheads, girl scout cookies, junior mints, peppermint patties, sweet tarts (minis and chicks ducks and bunnies), butterfingers, sour patch blue raspberries, swedish fish, sour watermelons, nerd ropes, runts, tootsie rolls and reese peanut butter eggs.

ranch, mac and cheese, ricearoni, franks hot sauce, pita delite dressing, sticky fingers bbq, texas pete, japanese white sauce, jello, spaghettios.


  1. We love it all! It's easily worth all the hassle of packing it all up when we leave!