It's been a while ...

One month at Home was a whirlwind amazing catching up with family and friends pigging out sun shinning trip.

Coming back to England was an emotional stressful I'm missing out on everything exam in a few days packing and unpacking my life mess.

I'm not gonna lie. It was hard. Leaving North Carolina after this trip was really difficult. Combined with a friend's dad in the hospital, my mom's upcoming surgery, and missing some close friends' weddings this summer I just felt really bummed out.

But now that I'm settled back into our little flat (exam done, back to work tomorrow) I'm thinking about all the fun things that I have to look forward to this summer. Pubs in the city after work, bbqs on our roof, London zoo, Borough Market, Corey coming to visit(!), reading books that aren't for class, concerts etc etc ....

The more I go Home, the more I realize how much I love it there and how much I miss it. But the more I come back to England the more I realize how good life is here, how it's my second home, and how fun my life is. I got it good y'all :) I know I'll be back in NC eventually and in the meantime I wouldn't trade my life here for a thing.

So expect some good upcoming posts. I'll let you know about the highlights of my trip Home, my new obsession with New Orleans, what's happening here in London and of course what I'm eating, watching on tv, and other silly nonsenses that I know you secretly love. As always, thank you for reading.

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