last week, phone rings ...

Me: Hi Sandy!
G: No it's not Saaaandy, it's Georgieeee!!!
Me: Oh hi George, how are you?
G: Good, are you coming over? Excuse me Mum can you please go in the other room, I'm on the phone with Kaitlyn.
Me: Come over tonight?
G: Yea right now. My mum will make you some dinner.
Me: Why don't you make me dinner?
G: Ok I'll make coffee.
Me: Well that's not really dinner?
G: And cooookies!
Me: That sounds wonderful but how about next week?
G: Noooo, make Uncle Ash drive you over here riiiight now.
Me: Probably not tonight babes.
G: Tomorrow? Oh wait that's my movie night. Fine see you next week. Here's my mum.

Can not wait to give a big huge squeezie hug to my 4 year old bff tonight :)))

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