Christmas away from Home

This year I am spending the holidays in England. I am super excited about this :D but also a bit sad and sort of nervous for some reason. I know its going to be wonderful. Ash has already been going out of his way to make things perfect for me, but no matter what, it will be different. My family is coming over so that will make things easier but there are still lots of little things that I will miss this Christmas. Last Christmas I was at home but missing Ash terribly, so this year I am really excited to wake up with him on Christmas morning and to experience his family's traditions. After Christmas I will post a blog on all the new exciting things that I did, but in the meantime here is a little post of the things that I will miss ...

* My Daddy - he always makes Christmas super special

* Christmas Eve church with the Fam

* Secret Santa Lunch with my best friends. We've been doing this at my house since we were about 16, they are carrying on the tradition at Kathleen's house this year and I am going to skype with them!

* Reindeer humping!

* Cootie Christmas

* Dec 23rd night out for the Cecil's birthday - always a good time catching up with friends.

* New Years Eve in Wilmingon. It's not Christmasy but it's still the holidays and I certainly will miss it this year!

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