I have followers!

7 followers! Yay! Thanks y'all. I am so excited to get this started and to share little details of my life with you. My dad did make a good point that it's funny that I have a blog now when I've been having crazy adventures for the past 2 1/2 years, but when I was backpacking around the world I could barely make time to email Home or do facebook updates, there's no way I could have had a blog. Better late than never though, right? And I don't think I will ever run out of things to say! Yesterday my best friend Kathleen and I spent the afternoon g-chatting about ideas for the blog and thanks to her I have this catchy name. I know it's called Kaitlyn daily, but I think realistically I will update 4 times a week. I'll try my hardest to do more though. I do want my blog to be personal and I want you all to know what's going on in my life but I don't think everyone needs to know every little thing that I did each day. Some days I'll give you the full run down but some days I guess I'll keep to myself more. I'll have to find the right balance.

Thanks for following me :)

Not much has happened since yesterday. Me and Ash have a little tradition of ''Red Wine Tuesdays''. Tuesdays suck, so we like to get a bottle of red and relax and have a nice dinner together. This isn't too different from every other day for us, but it makes it special because it has a name and I try to make sure that we stick to it each week. Last night I made Pasta Bake. It's one of my favorite English dinners. I guess it's English because I've never had it anywhere else, I don't think we have the right sauce for it in the US but maybe I'm wrong. It's penne pasta, a tin of tuna fish, a tin of sweet corn, a chopped onion, some chillies (for Ash) and a jar of this ''pasta bake sauce'' which is a creamy tomato garlicy sauce, similar to a marinara but more orangey in color and a creamier taste. Like alfredo meets marinara I guess. All thrown in a casserole dish and baked in the oven. For the last 15 minutes you put cheese and crushed up potato chips (''crisps'') on top. Mmmm it is pure comfort food. Served with garlic bread.

During dinner we watched the last 2 episodes of season 1 of Prison Break. It was so suspenseful. Ash and I are into our shows, and thanks to LoveFilm (England's version of Netflix) we've been able to watch Prison Break, Weeds and Dexter. (TV shows will have to be a whole other blog post because I have a lot to say on that topic!) After dinner I Skyped with Alyson. It had been far too long since we last talked and it's always so good to catch up with her. We spent 6 months traveling the world together, spending every waking minute together so sometimes it just feels weird to not talk to her every day. When I first came to England I remember thinking it was strange to get drunk without Alyson. Like I couldn't have fun without her or something! I felt like I was going through a break up and every time I would hear certain songs or do certain things I would miss her. I still have moments when I just feel like she should be there, I can't wait until we live close to each other again someday. In the meantime, I know that no matter how far apart we are we'll always be friends and be able to pick up where we left off. I feel that way about all of my friends and it makes me feel super special and so lucky. I'm hoping that this blog will be a way for them to better know what's going on in my life since we miss out of the day-to-day things.


  1. Hey Kait! I think we have something similar to that Pasta Bake sauce here. Is it like Vodka sauce? It is what I imagine to be marinara + alfredo. I wonder if this dish would be good minus the tuna (vegetarian)? We'll see!

  2. It is really similar to vodka sauce now that I think about it ... you could do it with no tuna, easy! it's so yummy!! :)