my favorite lunch

It's only 10:45 AM but I am already excited for lunch. I spent the night in Wimbledon last night because I was babysitting, and in my rush to get out the door and to work on time I only had a measly little slice of toast for breakfast. I've been trying to pinch my pennies (and calories) by bringing my lunch into work everyday, but it's Friday, and I'm going to treat myself, Green Thai Curry here I come!

The area in London where I work is super cool. There are a bunch of little boutique shops close by, I've counted at least 7 pubs within a 5 minute walking distance, there is a funky market with loads of cheap clothes, used books and other little goodies, and best of all there are a bunch of food stalls. Every day around lunch time the local restaurants in the area set up stalls and sell really cheap, really amazing food. To say that I am obsessed with the ''Little Thai'' stall, would be an understatement.

The first few times that I went, I played it safe and had my usual pad thai noodles that I get whenever I order Thai food ... but then one day I felt adventurous and got the Green Thai Curry (a dish that I usually only like when Ash cooks it). OMG it's to die for. Chicken and rice never tasted so good. It's coconutty yet spicy at the same time, saucy and creamy and just so delicious! Plus it's only £3 for a nice size portion. I particularly love it on a cold day but I'm pretty sure that I could find an excuse to eat it any time. (a dollop of sweet chili sauce on the side is a must)

I'm guessing that the pictures won't do it justice (why is it that when you take pictures of yummy food it always looks gross?) ... but I am going to post this blog now and then update it later with some pics for y'all. I hope you readers have a lovely Friday and treat yourself to your favorite lunch.

Exmouth Market - 2 minutes walk from work

smile you're on my blog :) 

mmm so good

more of the stalls

an added bonus - Christmas carolers


  1. ooo I can't wait to be there so soon! I hope you will take us to your favorite stall for some curry! Love the pictures!

  2. Ooooh i love me some Thai!! :)

  3. I had roast leg of pig and a nice salad.

  4. could you be any cuter?!