English Christmas

Hello Blog, I've missed you. I've been so busy! Since the minute my family arrived in London (after only a minor 7 hour delay) we've been going non-stop. We did all the touristy London things, plus went to see the Lion King (mine and Ash's gift to them), ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Covent Garden, and walked around Winter Wonderland. I loved having them here! It was a whirlwind week but I managed to squeeze in some important Just Mom Time which both of us always need. I also got to share my little brother Christian's first beer with him and to have a few tequila shots with my step dad Wil.

me and Mom at Winter Wonderland

Christian's first beer - at the pub across the street from mine and Ash's flat

after dinner and the Lion King in London

The best part about Christmas this year was having my family and Ash's family together and seeing how well they get along. We knew that everyone would get along great, but it was so nice to see his mom and my mom help each other in the kitchen and to see my step dad and his dad hang out in the pub. All 9 of us had a great meal together on Christmas Eve at mine and Ash's favorite Indian restaurant, followed by a huge get-together in the local pub and a tipsy walk home.
 my 3rd dad - Ray, me, and Christian in the Moon

Ash's best mates

me & my good friend Michelle

On Christmas morning Ash's sister Amy made us all a big breakfast and we opened our presents before my family arrived around noon with even more presents. They ended up staying until close to midnight and we spent the day just relaxing and hanging out together - playing Mexican train dominos, making eggnog and just really enjoying each other's company. Then on Boxing Day we all went to Ash's aunt and uncle's house where my family got to meet even more of the Curtis clan. Christian had a little jam session with Ash's cousin Luke and we all sang along.
the gourmet chef - making eggs benedict and mimosas

Christmas morning - spoiled kids

the talent in the families - Luke and Christian 

enjoying the family time

Even though I was so homesick for my Dad and my friends back home this was by far the most fun Christmas that I ever had. I seriously did not stop smiling and laughing all week. It was such a good feeling to wake up with Ash on Christmas morning. We made such amazing memories and his family made me feel so welcome. They always make me feel part of the family but this Christmas was extra special. I loved sharing traditions with them and they even got me my own stocking. I felt so loved and spoiled. I want Ash to have a North Carolina Christmas one year and I'd love to have a Christmas in Buffalo before too long. It's nice to know that no matter where I am on Christmas that I am loved and that it will be an amazing day filled with laughter and happy memories. I hope your Christmas was filled with warm fuzzies too. 


  1. We were so happy to have been a part of your first English Christmas! Even reading about it now has me remembering every fun moment, and I am doing a little tear!

  2. Wonderful writing. Great memories from a perfect 2 weeks. Gotta tell yeah, you'll have to do the Buffalo Christmas without me. I'll call from Aruba.

  3. what a lovely post, i love you gf :) x