warm thoughts please!

I was so excited and in an all around great mood walking into work today. It was cold but sunny and I couldn't help feeling like a little kid about to go on Christmas break (I have the next 2 and a half weeks off work!) This week has been full of good news. I've been asked to come back to my job in January. I am in a temporary position as a receptionist / assistant to the marketing director of a furniture showroom in London. Today was meant to be my last day but I now have a job to come back to in the new year, at least for a little bit. They are getting a new designer in January which will lighten the work load of the marketing director - therefore my job might not be necessary, plus financially the company isn't doing too well so I have a feeling that I am going to be jobless sooner or later. But the fact that I don't have to hunt for a job while studying for my January exam is very good news. Also my package containing gifts for friends and family in the US that I paid £50 for, and sent the day before Thanksgiving finally arrived in NC, so that is some more good news!

Other factors contributing to my good mood this morning - a lunch date with Ash, going to get my favorite thai curry that I blogged about last week. And then tonight I am supposed to have dinner with an old friend from UNCG, the lovely Megan Lynch. We haven't seen each other since we were 19! She is living in Holland working as a nanny and is here with her work family for the week. Our plan is to meet up and go to an American BBQ restaurant that has gotten great reviews. On tap for tomorrow is a gym date with my good friend Michelle, skyping with my best friends back home at their Secret Santa party, and a Christmas party in the evening with Ash's family where we all have to wear Christmas headgear! And then the big event! My family arriving on Sunday. This weekend is supposed to kick total ass .... but ... this is the view outside my office window at the moment ....

Nooooo. Go away snow! It was lovely and pretty and fun when we had snow a few weeks ago. Me and Ash were off work for 3 days and we spent our time bundled up at home watching Christmas movies and sitting by the fire in the pub across the street. The problem is that everything was shut down. It was next to impossible to get anywhere. This will obviously not be ok when my family is here. I want them to be able to spend their days sightseeing around London and most importantly be able to easily get over to Ash's parents' house for Christmas festivities. They are coming such a long way, I am not going to let this snow mess up all of our fun plans. So maybe if we collectively think warm tropical thoughts it will stop. Put your mind to it people! Bring on the snow in January, I don't mind it (as much) then but fingers crossed that it stops at least for the next week.

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