(birthday) dinner at 456

As you know, Ash's birthday was last week. For dinner we made an amazing meal together of all of our favorite nibbles. It was sooo delicious, birthday tapas! Check it out :)

baked camembert cheese topped with garlic, olive oil & thyme

We had never done scallops before but we always see them being made on our favorite cooking show so we thought we'd give it a try. I bought them fresh from the grocery & de-shelled them myself. They only took 3 minutes to cook and they turned out perfect. We'll be adding these to our dinner menus in the future.

the birthday boy / chef :)

SHRIMP (in an amazing sauce that Ash just whipped up - lime, coconut & chili), SCALLOPS(in butter & garlic) & MUSHROOMS (in garlic & balsamic)

Tada! swedish meatballs, roasted tomatoes, scallops, garlic & balsamic mushrooms, baked camembert & baguette, shrimp in chili-lime-coconut sauce served up on a super cute birthday table cloth.

unfortunately dessert wasn't homemade, but it was seriously good & seriously cute .... mini key lime pies!

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  1. Are you kidding me? You now de-shell your own scallops? I am a little bit impressed! The meal looks and sounds amazing! Please make me some of the shrimp and the scallops when you guys are here!