I can not wait to go Home - reason 892

I just can't wait to hear those good tunes. I've loved country since I was little and I just feel really deprived of it here. I listen to all sorts of music but sometimes you just need some good ol country. Naw-whad-I-mean? I hate when I get Home and I don't know any of the songs because we get virtually no country music here in the UK. That means I need to be catchin up on all the jams and making a good playlist to bring back with me. Every once in a while we'll get a Taylor song here which makes me literally jump for joy and the other day at work this cute little song came on. I know I'm a little late on it but I'm pretty obsessed with it. Love me some Sugarland! I turned it up real loud for everyone to enjoy. They weren't too impressed but it was the highlight of my week. 14 sleeps and counting. YEEEHAWWW!! 


  1. can't wait for you to be here :)

  2. Well, country misses you too, Kait. Won't be long now, counting the minutes . . . I still remember you dancing and singing to Tanya Tucker in your black boots and fringed jumpsuit . . .