pub life

Pubs (short for public house - who knew?) are one of the best things about living in the UK. When I googled ''how many pubs in London'' the estimate was around 7,000. There is literally a pub on every corner. I've counted at least 8 within a 2 minute walking distance from my work. And it's not just in the city center, everyone in England seems to have a ''local'' - a pub that you can get wasted at and then walk home. The pub is a huge part of English culture and has been the host of many of my most fun nights since I've been living here. At Home it seems like going out for drinks always has to be a planned event. You have to think about who is going to drive, what you're going to wear etc. Going to the pub is super laid back (almost as good as going to the beach bars in Wilmington), you can dress up or down and you'll fit in ...  and then you can just walk your drunk self on home. Below are some pics of my favorite pubs around town.

The first pub that I ever went to in London on my trip over in 2006, as recommended by Darren Buer. Also met Aunt Shell here for a beer and fish and chips in 2009.

The Moon, Ash's family's local - we went here my very first night visiting Ash, also the home of Christmas Eve and many other drunken nights.

Warming up at our local, The Toby Carvery across the street from our flat.

One of the many many pubs near my work.

The Sun - Ash's after work spot 

The White Hart, one of London's oldest pubs - it opened in 1216!

these pictures are making me thirsty! happy friday :)


  1. Nice post, Kait. I don't even drink and I love pubs!

  2. Pubs...I love 'em!
    Whenever I go explorin' I search for the pubiest Pubs I can find. I gotta get my ass over there and go pubbin'.

  3. "go pubbin'"....quality!