what's up with the x?

For some reason I remember my dad or one of my guy friends making a comment on Ash's facebook wall a while back. Whoever it was wrote something along the lines of ''everyone else put an x at the end of their post so I will too. x'' .... I have no idea why I thought about this today, but I figured I should explain the ''x''.  

It obviously, or not so obviously, is the x in the common phrase (?) xoxo. It means a kiss. And it is a really popular way of ending a comment or text in the UK. I know that many Americans use it and it's not that strange but it did take some getting used to when I moved here. Evvveryone puts it on the end of emails / texts. Even in a long texting - conversation, most texts end in an x. I almost feel rude if I don't put an x. Like the receiver won't know that I mean whatever it is that I've written in a friendly way. Also it's not a flirty kiss, just a friendly one. Boys sign off with an x to other boys and girls to other girls and boys to girls and whatever ... it's just a friendly little ending. It's one English habit that I have completely picked up on and totally love and endorse. More xs in the USA!

Here's an example of some texts between me and my friend Michelle -

K - are you coming here after work today? x
M - yea I'll be there around 5:30. x
K - ok cool, see you then. x
M - can't wait. xx

I mean are all those kisses really necessary? Who knows? Who cares. Just thought I would share. Hope you enjoyed this random tidbit for the day. x


  1. haha, love it! x there, who cares! x

  2. in spain you have to put besos at the end or bss in short! i love it and thats why i finish all of my blogs with ''besos!'' in real life convo's basically all greetings and goodbyes start and finish with two real kisses on cheeks.. took a while to get used to, but now i feel like ive not been nice enough if the kisses arent involved :)