What do you buy for a man that lives out of a truck and when you ask him what he wants, his automatic response is ''world peace''? No, this isn't some funny riddle, it's the question that I ask myself every Christmas and every July. This year's answer? How about a little blog post?

On this day in history, way back in 1953, William Anthony Harszlak was born. The Dad Of Me. If you read my dad's facebook profile you'll find out that he's a self proclaimed friend to many, unique personality, and legend in his own mind. Well guess what Pops? You're a legend in my mind too.

I don't know many men that take pride in being able to style a good ballet bun, but when I was little my dad dutifully pulled my hair up and bobby pinned it into place a few times a week for my ballet classes. He played dress up with me and attended my tea parties. 

I'm sure many men do take pride in growing a good beard. But I'm not sure that many do it for the reason that my dad does. He looks just like Santa and spreads cheer wherever he goes, waving to little kids from his truck and making friends with strangers across the USA.

My dad celebrates New Year's Eve on July 17th and Father's Day is March 3rd is his mind. He doesn't own an alarm clock and you'll rarely see him in anything other than an old tie dye tee shirt. He's one of a kind. And it's because of his zanny, individualistic, don't give a damn personality that I can express my own. He says that people are like snowflakes, each one completely different and that's what makes life interesting. And even though he's always taught me to be myself, I'm sure he'd be glad to know that I'm proud of the many ways that I'm a bit like him.  

So today I'll be raising my glass to the number one man in my life, my Daddy. I love him more than he'll ever know, I'm inspired by him, and I'm grateful and blessed to have him in my life. No matter how many miles have been between us over the years, the lessons that he's taught me are with me wherever I go.

ILU2M Daddy - I'll always be your baby girl, 
x ;) 


  1. I almost cried reading that! I love the relationship you and your dad have! Its truly 1 in a million! :) <3, Jen

  2. Uuuggghhh!!!!
    Thank you Bug! You've made my day! I'm lost for words and a tad choked up....but smilin' from ear to ear. I'm so proud of you and actually do know how much you love me.. Tttthhhhhhhhiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss much!
    Happy beyond joyous!

  3. Well, I am actually more than choked up, I have tears rolling down my face. A beautiful tribute, Kait,to a great man. Well done . . .

  4. got me choked up! what a nice gift! and made me miss my dad!

    hope you're having a great week kait!