The bad news - I think my days of reading blogs, swooning over pinterest, stalking facebook, and reading Perez at my desk all day are coming to an end.

The good news - I got a new job!

Up until this morning I was a little bit freaking out inside. My contract at my current job is coming to an end. This job has been ok and I've learned some good officey stuff but I'm over it. The problem is that my visa is up in a few months and I can't get a new one until November. So from September - Novemeber finding a job would be pretty tough until I have that little piece of paper that employers love so much. 

Now it's the afternoon and I'm a little bit freaking out inside, but the good kind of freaking out. The excited kind! I've got an HR job! 

Last summer I did some unpaid work experience in the HR department at Ash's work, Edexcel. It was a funny coincidence because I actually met the son of the Head of HR when I was in New Zealand and I got the job through him.

During my month there I met a guy named Pedro who works for a recruitment company that hires a lot of people for Edexcel. He gave me his card and was the one who set me up with my current gig. About a month ago he got word from Edexcel that my manager when I was there is pregnant and is taking a year maternity leave. He suggested my name right away. They said I was pretty much the coolest unpaid employee they ever had, but that they needed some one at a more senior level. Well a month has gone by and they weren't able to find someone at a senior level willing to take just a year contract. So they called Pedro and asked him to get in touch with me. Pull me off the bench coach I'm ready to play! 

I'm going to be in over my head but it's a great team of girls that I already know and they are all willing to help me out. I'm going to try it for 3 months and go from there. The amazing news is that this covers me until I get my new visa. Then, even if they do let me go after 3 months, I'll have a visa + a few months experience as an HR Coordinator. Winning!

They want to get me in immediately so I start next week but they are ok with me having 3 weeks off in September for Thailand. Our vacation is going to be that much better now that I can lay on the beach and know that I have a job to come back to. Not that I will be laying on the beach thinking about work, but at least I won't be stressing about finding a job when we get back. 

So I can't promise that blog posts will be ''daily'' anymore. But I will not neglect you little blog of mine! I promise to keep you guys updated on life here in London as much as possible.

ps - see you for Christmas, NC!! :)  

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  1. So happy to hear about your new opportunity! And don't you dare neglect your blog!! We would all miss it!!