Where I've Been Wednesdays . . .

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, but this week I have a very good reason to write about one of my favorite places in the world - and that's because in just over a month, I'm going back there! Never in my life did I imagine that I would be lucky enough to visit Thailand once, but now I'm about to venture there for a second time. Excited is an understatement.

I wrote a bit about my time in Thailand here. And even though that was an awesome experience, that part of Thailand isn't the part that sticks out the most in my mind. This is . . .

Northern Thailand is full of jungles and hills. This is where we went trekking and rode elephants (in the post above). Southern Thailand is jungley and hilly as well, but with beautiful white sand islands. Sort of like the Caribbean meets the jungle. There's little beach huts, palm trees, and random monkeys. It really is paradise. 

Thailand was actually the main reason that Alyson and I decided to go traveling. Every time that went diving on Spring Break there was always one person on the boat who had been to Thailand and was obsessed with it. They would go on and on about how it was the best diving it the world and how we just had to go there. So when we were planning our around-the-world-trip, all plans were based around spending time in Thailand. Now we are those people that can say how wonderful it is. And the claim to be the best diving is certainly the truth. It was even better than the Great Barrier Reef. 

Al on a little tiny island that has 1 resort and a dive shop

Then there's the partying. There's the famous Full Moon Party once a month that is a crazy all nighter, but most other nights the scene is little bars right on the beach where the dress code is flip flops and jean shorts, just my style. 

aftermath of the Full Moon

one of the best bars on Phi Phi

So, beach and diving all day and partying all night. I guess you can understand why I fell in love with this place. It's so much more than that though. Even though the partying can last until sunrise, the little islands are super laid back and relaxing, the people are extremely friendly and there's just a general feel good vibe. Not to mention it is cheap. Hour long massages on the beach for $5? Don't mind if I do. Even though the plane ticket is going to cost a bit more than if we went somewhere else, Ash and I will be able to afford 2+ weeks in Thailand rather than just a 1 week vacation. 

And Ash is just as excited as I am to be going back. He spent about 8 months in Thailand becoming a dive master, and even though we were there at the exact same time, on the same islands and even at the same bars, we never ran into each other. We both fell in love with the place so going back together should be really amazing. The plan is to spend a few nights on Phuket island in an area that we've both never been and then a few nights on Phi Phi, our favorite island. 

38 more sleeps until we're there! Expect a great blog post to follow! 

stolen from Ash's facebook ;)


  1. yeeeeesssssssss! i cannot wait any longer, take me there now!!!!