BBQ @ 456

praying for good weather this weekend so I can have more of this ..... 

 this is the look of a happy boy! 

summertime fav 

grilled chicken breast
halloumi cheese - so good on the grill, 
the outside gets a bit crispy and then the inside is gooey goodness 
Turkish sausages and kielbasa are popular items on the grill as well

my friend Erin (aka Frenchie) taught me this mac and cheese recipe. 
It is mm mm good.

steaks, shrimp skewers and beers = summer diet 


my spot - where me and my kindle hang out 

work in progress 

tomatopineappleshrimpskewers :) 

dinner is served 

stocked fridge 


  1. Gorgeous photos! I am thinking rooftop instead of Bath!! That is, if Chef Ash will be around. And if there is a chair for the Mom!! xoxo

  2. PS What an improvement over Kraft Mac N Cheese!!

  3. I love this post! I love grillin' out!

  4. Girl you gotta put that corn on the grill to cook it! It's one of my summer favorites!